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There are several key considerations when hiring painters. At the very least you should check if the painters are licensed, insured, experienced, and capable of completing the painting project. Our advice is to look for reputable painting services companies with local references.

A certified painter knows how to use the proper materials, tools and equipment, surface preparation, and safety when performing the job. In many areas, being bonded is a prerequisite to obtaining a license. The bond is like an agreement that binds the painter to cover any losses incurred by the property in case the painter does not complete the job according to specifications.

Painting services companies should have two kinds of insurance: liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Liability insurance relieves the customer of any responsibility incurred by the contractor while workers’ compensation coverage ensures the owner does not pay for any medical bills if the painter got injured during the project.

Clear Finish Painting and Decorating began in 2007. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years now.

Oil-based paints have been removed from the market because there is a demand for less solvent and lower VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds) in their paint formulas. These paints have great qualities: superior smooth look, good moisture resistance, and ultimate hardness and durability. But due to its curing process, these paints can be brittle as they age, leading to cracking, peeling, and ultimate failure of the paint. It also attracts mould and mildew as it has ingredients that serve as food to them.

Water-based paints or latex and acrylic have come so far and have outperformed other paint types. It exhibits excellent qualities like moisture resistance, mildew resistance, flexibility, colour fastness, and block resistance. Most of the water-based paints we know are 100% acrylic.

We have low and non-VOC paint options available upon the request of customers.

Our standard is two coats of paint.

Paint finishes come in three general categories:

  • • Flat Finish - this is also called matte finish
  • • Satin Finish - also known as eggshell finish or low-lustre finish
  • • Gloss Finish - also known as semi-gloss finish.

We offer colour consultation with our experts for clients who want advice on their projects. There are factors including lighting, architecture, and the existing decor. Ideal paint colour considers all three elements and provides balance and harmony to the space.

You might be more focused on choosing paint colours than finishes. However, the sheen you will choose affects how your surface looks and feels. Glossier finishes are shinier, more durable, and easier to clean. Flatter finishes are better at hiding imperfections but not as durable. Clear Finish Painting and Decorating will help you pick out the right finish.

Yes. Most of our clients are not at home while we work. You can run errands, and go to your workplace, while our crew is busy painting. We are insured and bonded so you don’t have anything to worry about.

With our mild climate in NSW, we can paint all year-round. Summer tends to be the ideal time for painting since it is typically dry and warm. Another option is in early spring or into the late fall.

One of our main goals is to complete your project with as little disruption to your daily activities as possible. Before we start your project, we will provide you with a list of things you can do to help us complete your project as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Maintaining an open line of communication with you is our priority. We will assign a contact person to you who should be able to answer most questions, but please feel free to contact us any time for any concerns or answer any questions you have.

We never charge a fee to provide an estimate for your painting project.

Depending on the project, you have to talk to any of our representatives to discuss the scope of the project. A typical bedroom would take about a day or two to complete, including the ceiling and trim. It all depends on the size of the area and the complexity of the paintwork.

We have excellent customer service! Our success as a painting contractor in Sydney is based on delivering high-quality painting services with exceptional customer service. We stand by our work and will work on your project to make sure you are happy with the experience and the completed work.

We will keep the disruption to a minimum. At the end of each day, our painting crew will clean the areas we are working in and move the tools and paints away.

The short answer is NO unless you want the walls painted in stripes or polka dots. In some cases, painting contractors may charge an additional for extra colours above and beyond the normal allotted set. This is because it takes time to switch between colours and tools.

After visiting the site to inspect the surfaces to be painted, we will prepare the estimate. Here is a breakdown of the estimate:

  • • Scope of work
  • • Surfaces to be painted
  • • Labour
  • • Material

Normally, a house should be painted every 5-10 years and every 4-7 years if it’s stained. Homes located along the shoreline should paint more often due to the effects of salt air. Some of the factors that could affect the lifespan of your paint include the amount of prep work done the last time and the quality of paint used.

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