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Professional Wallpaper Installation Sydney

Looking for a brand-new wall design for your old wallpaper? Clear Finish Painting and Decorating is one of the expert wallpaper installers in Sydney that provides both wallpaper installation and removal services since we manage all parts of the refurbishment for a speedy and smooth experience. Your ideas and designs are in good hands since our expert wallpaper installers consistently provide outstanding outcomes.

Many individuals attempt to put up wallpaper themselves. They need to pay more attention to how large a task will be due to its intricacy. With the necessary experience, errors are easier to make. Poor wallpaper installation may lead to apparent flaws in the wallpaper design that would be considerably more expensive to correct than if professional wallpaper installers in Sydney had been hired in the first place.

Wallpaper Installation Sydney

More than just plain wallpapers are helped by our top-notch wallpaper installation services in Sydney. You may choose the ideal design for your room while being confident that it will be appropriately fitted, thanks to the various wallpaper textures and popular styles this year, from thick sensory textiles to smooth metallics.

  • • Professional Experience: Our top-notch wallpaper installers have the experience and competence to manage any wallpaper installation project. We possess the abilities and understanding to apply wallpaper to various surfaces, including textured ceilings and walls.
  • • Quality Materials: Our Professional Wallpaper Installation Sydney crew works with high-quality supplies to guarantee that your wallpaper is installed accurately and free of bubbles, wrinkles, and other flaws. Additionally, we utilize the proper adhesive for the kind of wallpaper and wall surface.
  • • Time and Cost Efficiency: Working with us to install your wallpaper will save you money over time. We can assist you in avoiding costly errors, which will save you money on supplies and time.
  • • Attention to Detail: With a great lot of expertise, perseverance, focus, and attention to detail, we install high-end wall coverings. We guarantee that the outcome will likely be unequalled if you opt to have us complete the work at your expense.
  • • Customer Satisfaction: We are uniquely positioned to provide a smooth, organized experience. With a single point of contact for each project, we can control expectations and provide detailed, client-specific technical advice.

Benefits of Wallpaper Installation

The walls are sometimes the first item you alter when designing or remodelling the inside of your house. There is always the option of painting or hanging wallpaper. Both are excellent options for changing the interior of your home, but wallpaper has numerous advantages.

Cost-Effective and Durable

When considering the time, materials, and labour needed for a paint job, the initial cost of installing wallpaper is more significant. But wallpaper is more resilient and has a longer shelf life than paint. It also gives you high-quality designs for affordable costs, making it a more economical way to decorate the inside of your house.


Wallpaper gives your walls an additional layer of protection and is quite challenging. You don’t have to be concerned about peeling, smearing, chipping, or scuffing as you do with paint. While preserving its original colour and charm, wallpaper may endure between 10 and 20 years with good upkeep, outlasting paint by three times.

Variety of Wallpaper Styles and Patterns

Wallpaper comes in various types and practices that can be distinguished by its colours, patterns, textures, and finishes. These designs can mimic different high-quality looks, including marble, wood, metal, tile, and textiles, and they can also add depth, lighting, and appeal to a room’s interior.

Easy Wallpaper Installation

Using wallpaper eliminates the need to worry about creating a huge mess or running the danger of paint splatters collecting on your walls, windows, furniture, or flooring. Wallpaper may be applied to most surfaces and can hide wall blemishes that paint may not be able to conceal fully.

Our Wallpaper Installation Process in Sydney

1. Assessment and Preparation

Assessment: A trained professional will evaluate the condition of the current wallpaper or wall surface to decide the best removal strategy.

Preparation: To guarantee a clean and safe working environment, the space will be set up by moving furniture, covering the flooring, and safeguarding fixtures.

2. Wallpaper Removal

Peeling or Stripping: It is possible to remove loose or peeling wallpaper physically. If not, a steamer or scoring tool could make the glue more pliable.

Adhesive Removal: After the wallpaper is taken down, any glue that is still adhered to the wall has to be scraped off with a sponge, scraper, or wallpaper adhesive remover.

3. Wall Surface Preparation

Patching and Repair: Any cracks or fractures in the wall surfaces will be filled up and fixed using a joint compound or spackle. Its surface will be polished.

Cleaning: To remove any dust, dirt, or remnants from removing the wallpaper, the wall will be cleansed.

4. Wallpaper Installation

Measurement and Cutting: With matching patterns and any required alterations considered, the wallpaper will be weighed and cut into the proper lengths.

Applying adhesive: The back of the wallpaper will be coated with wallpaper paste or adhesive as the manufacturer directs.

Suspended wallpaper: The wallpaper will be meticulously pasted to the wall, going down from the top. It will be straightened and smoothed to guarantee accurate pattern matching.

Finishing and Trimming: The wallpaper will be cut off with sharp scissors or a knife. The edges will be thoroughly sealed to provide the illusion of being tidy and completed.

5. Cleaning

Cleaning: After the wallpaper has been installed, the space will be cleaned, and any trash or debris will be removed.

The work area will be left clean and organized, with all fixtures and furniture placed back in their original locations.

Call Us for Your Wallpaper Installation!

The best approach to applying wallpaper is hiring the best Sydney Wallpaper Installation service if you’re after quality. You will only save time, money, and patience if you attempt to complete the task yourself or hire a beginner with minimal expertise.

Professional wall-covering contractors in Sydney have the skills, experience, and equipment required to provide you with the excellent results you want. Contact us right away for expert wallpaper installation for your business tasks!

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    The seams of overlapping wallpaper are not recommended. Seams should always be "butted" tightly together and then smoothed out with a seam smoother made for wallpaper. Wallpaper that has been correctly "booked" on the wall also doesn't contract. This eliminates the requirement for overlap.

    It is not required to use a particular paint for paintable wallpaper. You may paint over the wallpaper as you would on an ordinary wall. It is optional to prime the paintable wallpaper before painting. Some people claim that priming fills in some of the texture and, in certain situations, results in less dramatic relief.

    Yes! We advise ordering wallpaper that is 10 cm wider and 10 cm taller than the dimensions of the wall. This large print allows for minor measurement errors, uneven ceilings, and slightly slanted flooring. Order the precise measurements of the final print size if you only want the wallpaper for a small portion of the wall.