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Value for Money Commercial Painting Cost by Clear Finish Painting and DecoratingValue for Money Commercial Painting Cost by Clear Finish Painting and Decorating

Commercial Painting

Clear Finish Painting & Decorating Services is a leading provider of commercial painting services to various commercial properties in Sydney. We are a well-established company with a team of highly qualified, professional local and commercial painters to provide you with excellent interior and exterior painting services.

We are committed to providing high-quality painting services with competitive commercial painting costs while maintaining the highest standards of customer care. Aside from reasonable package prices, our team will finish the job as scheduled and take care of your property by producing quality Industrial painting services.

The Most Affordable Commercial Painting Services Near You

There are various painting and decorating service companies in Sydney, and it’s challenging to find commercial painters and contractors that could provide excellent workmanship that meets your budget. Our professional local painters at Clear Finish Painting are friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. Our team of commercial painters are well-trained and dedicated, which makes us one of the most recognised commercial painting providers in Sydney. Commercial painting costs do not have to be expensive. Though we take pride in the quality of our team’s workmanship, providing a reasonable commercial painting cost is part of our company’s mission.

There are several factors to consider in determining the commercial painting cost of your retail space:

Overall size of the space

One of the significant factors that affect the commercial painting cost is the total area to be painted. Today’s going rate of exterior painting is around $15 to $60 per square metre depending on the material, while interior painting costs around $20 to $30 per square metre.

Whether small or large commercial space, our friendly team at Clear Finish Painting can provide you with reasonable package rates with flexible payment terms.

Type of paint

The type of paint you choose also affects the commercial painting cost. It can be computed together with all other factors included in the Sydney painting services that you will avail of. Consult with our team of local and commercial painters to ensure that you get a high-grade type of paint without going over your budget.

Labour cost

As an owner of a commercial space ourselves, we understand you want the best commercial painters to do the commercial painting services. Our local painters are highly-qualified with proper licence and qualifications recognised nationally. But, as part of our commitment, especially to loyal clients, we assure you that we will be as transparent as possible in providing labour cost rates based on the current market trend without overpricing.


A professional and reliable commercial painting company in Sydney would always prioritise completing tasks on the scheduled deadline, as agreed upon in the contract. Entrust your commercial space painting and design with trusted professional local painters. At Clear Finish, we not only cut down your commercial painting cost, but we also do our best to meet the schedule without compromising the painting job quality.

If you want a worry-free, hassle-free, reliable and professional commercial painting in Sydney, consult Clear Finish Painting Services. Our experts can give their professional advice whether you need interior painting or exterior painting. Only work with one of Sydney’s most trusted painting services companies. You can contact Clear Finish Painting to book an appointment and talk to one of our local painters to advise you on current commercial painting costs.

Commercial Interior Painting Cost

Commercial Painting Cost

Interior painting can transform a commercial space and add value to its overall aesthetics. However, it is also one of the most critical parts of renovating a retail space. We understand that interior painting requires a lot of detailed planning, which could add to the total commercial painting cost. But, as property owners, we know that you want to attract the right clients to grow your business. And it all starts with commercial interior painting and design. Trust that our creative, knowledgeable team of commercial painters can execute simple to the most complex commercial painting in Sydney using high-quality paint and tools. We pay attention to our client’s requests, but we also benchmark the current commercial painting cost to provide you with the most affordable package that suits your needs.

What is the average cost of commercial space interior painting? Commercial painting costs vary depending on various factors. The key is to consult trustworthy contractors who can give an accurate and updated estimate for your interior painting needs. Commercial or residential painting costs may vary per suburb. As of January 2022, Australia’s average interior commercial painting cost ranges from $2,500 to $20,000 depending on how big or small your retail space is, plus all the other fees to get the job done. Our Clear Finish Painting team can provide you with a detailed, cost-effective estimate of interior painting costs. We can always work around your budget and still achieve the design you want for your commercial space.

Commercial Exterior Painting Cost

Exterior painting does not only set the first impression of potential clients to your commercial space, but it also helps protect your property from withstanding different weather conditions. It’s always worth investing in exterior painting as it speaks a lot about your business branding. As with any other painting and design service, the commercial painting cost of your property’s exterior varies depending on the material used on surfaces and all further painting details you want. However, it’s essential to note that exterior painting of timber could cost a bit more than brick material.

On average, exterior painting in Sydney ranges from $9,000 to $200,000 depending on various factors such as property size, material, age of the property, and access. Exterior commercial painting costs are higher if you want to put a premium value on your business brand. But it’s always worth the investment, especially if you partner with professional and highly qualified commercial painters.

Our team of reliable tradesmen are readily available to provide professional painting and design advice for your exterior painting needs. We will ensure that your property can endure all types of weather to maintain your property’s exterior. Clear Finish Painting provides flexible commercial painting costs and tailor-made packages for your exterior painting requirements.

Total Commercial Painting Cost in Sydney

Interior and exterior painting give a whole new look to your commercial space, providing additional value for your business. No matter how complex or straightforward the painting job is, you need to set aside a significant investment to get the job done. Rather than focusing on the commercial painting cost, consult with local painters who can provide Sydney’s most cost-effective painting services.

Understanding how much the total commercial painting cost could help you set a budget.

The total commercial painting cost in Sydney is influenced by the following:

  • Average cost per room – $250 to $400
  • Cost per square foot – $10 to $60
  • Cost per hour – $35 to $45
  • Cost per day – $280 to $360

At Clear Finish Painting, our friendly staff and local painters can provide all the details for your commercial painting needs. We value our client’s trust; we want to be as transparent as possible.

Impact of a Good Commercial Painting

Whether interior painting or exterior painting, commercial painting, in general, is a very tedious job. That is why you need highly-qualified, professional local painters who can explain the details about painting different types of paint and visualise the best commercial painting finish for your space. Choosing the right painting finish is crucial for the commercial painting process. It could make or break the overall design, and it could also give you unnecessary costs.

Deciding on an excellent painting finish has its benefits:

  • It provides added value to the overall atmosphere of your commercial space.
  • It can hide bumps and unwanted marks on the wall and other surfaces that need a painting finish.
  • It can make the paint last longer without constantly repainting an area, lowering the commercial painting cost over time.
  • It can make walls more durable from other damages (i.e. scratches, dirt, etc.)
  • It can add more lighting to a room or commercial space.

Don’t stress yourself too much from getting the right commercial painting finish. Our friendly and professional commercial painters are always ready to discuss everything you need to know about commercial painting services in Sydney. Avoid unexpected costs to your painting needs. We’ll customise painting services that suit your requirements and budget.

Factors that Affect Commercial Painting Cost

When you’re planning on availing of painting services in Sydney, you should also be prepared for the overall commercial painting cost. Sometimes, unexpected painting needs come along the way while the project is ongoing. But with the right painting and decorating team, you should be able to prepare for the best and the worst that could happen while restoring or renovating your commercial space.

Several factors affect commercial painting costs:

* Materials and tools

* Property size

* Quality of paint

* Design details

* Schedule

* Ease of access

* Age of property

* Professional fees

It’s important to prepare financially and the physical area where local painters will move around to ensure smooth painting job operations.

Save Money: How to Lower Commercial Painting Cost

Commercial Painting

Any business owner looking into getting a commercial painting job for their commercial space would always want to maximise their budget. At Clear Finish Painting & Decorating, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Before jumping on any contract, we discuss everything our valued clients need to know about the commercial services and cost. We try to work around your budget without compromising the quality of work. That is why we inform our customers about the following essential details that could affect the commercial painting cost. Here are additional tips on how to save further on your commercial painting cost.

1. Prep Work on the Area

It would make much difference if property owners could already prepare the work area where local painters will move around. Any commercial painting contractor would need ample space to place their tools and other painting materials. Some companies offer discounts and great deals when business owners agree, cutting down on the overall commercial painting cost.

2. Loyalty Discounts

No matter how good a quality painting job was done, repainting will always be needed after several years. We can offer discount rates for our loyal and valued clients who have trusted us throughout working with them.

3. Referral Bonus

As a commercial space owner, you can also seek recommendations from friends and families for local painters in the area. You can also do your own research by searching for “commercial painters near me” until you can develop a shortlist of potential contractors. Inquire if your painting contractor offers a referral bonus so you can take advantage of it, thereby decreasing your overall expenses.

4. Choose your Painters Wisely

Part of the overall commercial painting cost is choosing the right contractors for your painting project. You might want to compare several local painters to avoid impulsive decisions. Requesting quotations and initial assessment would help you cut down on unnecessary costs. Choose your commercial or Strata painters wisely.


Experience, reliability and price that’s right for you – this is our goal at Clear Finish Painting! With our years of experience in the painting and decorating industry, we’ve maintained licensed professional tradesmen who can get the job done without missing out on painting details. Our team of commercial painters would know precisely what suits your taste and budget from interior to exterior painting, simple to complex commercial painting jobs, small or large commercial spaces, and our team of commercial painters.

Contact our team of professional local painters for an initial assessment, obligation-free, and our friendly staff will provide the most reasonable commercial painting cost to suit your needs. At Clear Finishing Painting, we guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction!

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